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Dear valued customers,

At Seagull Search we are committed to delivering our best-in-class SEO services and we have recently taken a step forward to bolster these efforts. I am pleased to announce Seagull Search has been acquired by award winning SEO specialist Smart Traffic Ltd.

Smart Traffic is a market leading Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Company with 250+ employees working from offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Smart Traffic house considerable technical talent and industry experience which will be put to good use supporting and extending the services already offered to Seagull Search customers.

This acquisition marks the latest step in a committed growth strategy designed to offer our clients sustainable SEO services that evolve and remain at the forefront of the market.

For more information please contact our campaign management team who will be happy to assist or visit the Smart Traffic website here.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Harris
Managing Director - Seagull Search

Affordable SEO Company Bristol - Cheap and Quality SEO Services in UK

Seagull Search has firmly established itself as a leading affordable digital marketing company. We provide clear, effective and affordable SEO solutions that are manually constructed and individually tailored to your specific goals, needs, ambitions, and sector.

We deliver effective results through highly individualised SEO solutions. We have built a reputation for excellence both in our affordable SEO services and in our professional staff's dedicated attention to detail.

At Seagull Search, we understand that every client is different, which is why we always begin each project by getting to know the client rather than trying to force a generic SEO solution upon them. We start by conducting a thorough needs analysis in order to learn exactly what each customer requires so that we can then tailor an affordable SEO solution and provide guaranteed results for a high return on investment.

While we pride ourselves on the diligence of our team, we know that hard work alone is not enough. Attention to even the tiniest detail can be the difference between success and failure in the ever-changing world of SEO. That is why we always go the extra mile to achieve our clients' goals because it is only through their success that our own success can be measured. When you work with Seagull Search, you can rest assured that our dedication and commitment is guaranteed.

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At Seagull Search, we provide effective and affordable SEO solutions that are guaranteed to produce results and help your company grow

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When you choose Seagull Search, you are not just hiring a faceless company that sells generic SEO solutions.

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Seagull Search has consistently delivered proven results for our clients across a wide range of sectors and industries.

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By employing a winning mix of the latest digital marketing techniques and the highest quality SEO methods, our highly qualified, very experienced, and extremely knowledgeable team collaborate closely to create affordable SEO solutions and then work side-by-side with our clients to ensure effective implementation and high impact results that help your company or brand grow and deliver a fantastic return on your investment.

Understanding that many clients are unfamiliar with SEO, we also strive to demystify the concept and create clear and simple campaigns that are highly practical and very affordable but without compromising on quality.

To underline our faith in our ability to provide winning digital marketing solutions and guaranteed SEO results, we also offer Pay-on-Results SEO campaigns to further minimise the risk to our clients.

If you are looking for effective, tailored, and affordable SEO solutions, Seagull Search is ready to help you.

Terms & Conditions


Seagull Search Ltd Terms and Conditions

By placing an order with Seagull Search Ltd, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions below. Anyone who experiences a problem with the service provided by Seagull Search Ltd should raise the matter directly to Seagull Search Ltd in writing, giving sufficient information to identify the issue and clearly outlining the grounds for complaint. Seagull Search Ltd will do everything in its power to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the complainant. Please read carefully the Seagull Search Ltd Terms and Conditions below before any Purchase or Order of services.


The Client: The company or individual requesting the services of Seagull Search Ltd

Seagull Search Ltd, Centre Gate, Colston Avenue, Bristol, BS1 4TR: Service Provider employees or affiliates.

Prior to work being undertaken by Seagull Search Ltd, we require assurances from the client stating that:

The customer has not employed the services of any Search Engine Optimisation Company other than Seagull Search Ltd to work on their website promotion.

The customer has not employed the services of any Submission Company during the same period as Seagull Search Ltd providing their search engine optimisation services.

The customer has not created any duplicate sites, duplicate content or pages, redirects or doorway pages to their website whilst advertising online with Seagull Search Ltd.

The customer has not requested or exchanged links with any link farms or undertaken any spamming techniques which may harm the web sites search engine ranking with Google.

Seagull Search Ltd holds a strict privacy policy and promise to never divulge your details to any other client, existing or potential unless a formal agreement is made between both parties.


The Customer agrees that their website is not hosted on free web space using domain forwarding (either framed or otherwise) whilst using Seagull Search Ltd apply SEO Services.

Access to client’s website

The client must grant the authority to submit the Website pages being promoted to Search Engines and Directories.

The client must guarantee Seagull Search Ltd at all times that the material included in the Web Site:

Is not in breach of the Intellectual Property rights of any third party.

Is not obscene within the definition of the Obscene Publications Act 1959 or any other relevant provision or statute.

Is not in breach of any code or provision of statute or common law or otherwise in force from time to time in relation to Advertising of Goods or Services.

Contains no element of corporative advertising which is in breach of the Control of Misleading Advertisements (Amendment) Regulations 2000.

Is not in breach of the Defamation Act 1996 or any other relevant provision or statute.

Does not contain any misleading price comparison in breach of Consumer Protection Act.

Termination for breach, insolvency or frustration.


Seagull Search Ltd will carry out work only where an agreement is provided by the client either by email, telephone, mail or fax. An 'Order' is deemed to be a written or verbal contract between Seagull Search Ltd and the client. The terms are set out below and these constitute the only terms and conditions under which Seagull Search Ltd enters into this agreement. No employee or agent of Seagull Search Ltd is authorised to agree or perform any alterations in the terms and conditions of this agreement. In the event of the client failing to make any and all final payment to Seagull Search Ltd then Seagull Search Ltd is entitled to take any or all of the following remedies, in any order it sees fit:

(1) Require immediate payment of the outstanding fee.

(2) Add interest to the debt at 3% above the base rate of UK Banks Current Interest rate.

(3) Issue written demands for the sum due, each such demand requiring a fee of £55.00 payable by the client.

(4) Cease working on behalf of the client until all overdue sums are paid.

(5) Be released from any obligations to refund any money to the client under any other terms of this agreement.

(6) To deduct outstanding sums from the client’s credit card or debit card and the client hereby authorizes such transactions.

The client understands that search engines are independent companies who select and rank sites using their own criteria and therefore to obtain a high ranking the client must follow Seagull Search Ltd recommendations for optimising their website for search engine listing. If the client fails to follow Seagull Search Ltd recommendations then the results achieved by Seagull Search Ltd will have considerably less importance than would be achieved otherwise.

Pay on Results SEO Campaigns:

The Pay on Results SEO campaign entails a range of Services which are detailed and confirmed in the order form, including without limitation link building and top rankings for agreed keywords.  


Seagull Search will only provide SEO Services in respect of multiple word keywords.


Seagull Search will begin the SEO Services from the effective date of the contract.


Seagull Search does not warrant:


(a) That the selected keywords will appear on page 1 of Google or any other search engine; or

(b) That it will obtain, or maintain for any period of time, specific ranking positions for the selected keywords on Google or any other search engine.


If any target set out is not achieved within 6 months, then provided that Seagull Search had accepted the target in its order confirmation and its non-attainment is not attributable to any of the factors listed in the General Terms and Conditions, Seagull Search will refund to the customer the first installment of the fee due to it under the contract, but Seagull Search shall have no further liability to the customer.


For the purposes of the Contract, the said 6 month period will begin to run from the date that the onsite recommendations are implemented and live.


Unless terminated earlier in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions, the contract for the supply of SEO Services will terminate when Seagull Search issues its invoice for the twelfth installment of the fee due to it under the contract. However, if, after expiry of the 6 month period referred to in the paragraph above, Seagull Search has not attained the Target, then Seagull Search will issue a report to this effect and the Contract shall be deemed terminated with effect from the date of issuance.


Either party may terminate the Contract for the supply of SEO services by giving to the other adequate notice at any time after the due date for the second scheduled payment. For the purposes of this adequate notice shall be:

Cancellations between months 2 and 6 of the 12 month contract

(a) That length of time which will give rise to an obligation on the part of the Customer to make at least 2 additional monthly payments; or (b) 2 months, whichever is longer.




Cancellations between months 7 and 12 of the 12 month contract

(a)    That length of time which will give rise to an obligation on the part of the Customer to make at least 1 additional monthly payment; or (b) 1 month, Whichever is longer.


In order to cancel the Contract under this paragraph, the Customer must send an email to accounts@seagull-search.co.uk or a letter by registered post to Seagull Search Ltd, Centre Gate, Colston Avenue, Bristol, BS1 4TR and receive an acknowledgement from a Director of Seagull Search confirming that Seagull Search has received and accepted the cancellation.


There will be a fixed Fee for the supply of SEO Services which will be set out in the order confirmation. The customer shall pay the Fee in 12 equal installments as follows:

(a) The first installment within 7 days of the date of the order confirmation; (b) The second installment within 7 days of Seagull Search having issued a report confirming:

(i) that the agreed number of selected keyword(s) have appeared in any order and in any position on page 1 of the non-sponsored listings on the agreed Google site or by default www.google.co.uk (pages from the UK), www.google.com.au (pages from Australia)

(ii) That Seagull Search’s failure to achieve this target is attributable to one of the causes set out in the general Terms and Conditions.

"A Top 10 ranking" means that your selected search term or key phrase will be placed in the first 10 results of Google.co.uk or Google.com.au within a minimum of 6 months of the optimisation techniques being uploaded to the customer’s website. Although Google’s results are displayed on other search engines e.g. AOL, Yahoo etc, the work that is carried out by Seagull Search Ltd is solely aimed at increasing visibility and boosting search engine ranking on Google.

Seagull Search Ltd stress that it is not possible to give any guarantees for any specific result on any search engine, nor can we quantify the level of increased traffic or sales, as a result of the search engine optimisation campaign.

Seagull Search Ltd must have the ability to optimise the structure and content of your web pages. Such changes generally have a minimal visual impact. Seagull Search Ltd will work directly with you in order to maintain the original look and feel of your website.

The client must provide Seagull Search Ltd with log-in information (FTP username and password) to allow us to gain access to your website. Seagull Search Ltd will maintain confidentiality of log-in information. You must inform your webmaster or anyone else who has access to the Web site that Seagull Search Ltd are performing Search engine optimisation services on your site.

(1) Seagull Search Ltd may terminate this agreement at any time if the client’s website contains any material which is illegal, pornographic, and/or racially abusive or is likely to cause offence or damage to Seagull Search Ltd reputation.

(2) The search engines targeted will be those search engines that Seagull Search Ltd considers to be the most important with regards to popularity, language, content, location, coverage or any other criteria that Seagull Search Ltd considers suitable.

(3) Seagull Search Ltd will choose suitable sets of words to search for in the search engines and the position in the results obtained using these words will be used for assessing search engine listings. A listing is where a search engine is queried with the words chosen by Seagull Search Ltd and the client’s website address or a link to that address appears in the results returned. The words chosen by Seagull Search Ltd will be a test phrase. Although the client’s website address, or links to that address, will be listed when searching for different words, reports will contain only one test phrase.

(4) All notices must be in writing. Notices to Seagull Search Ltd must be addressed to Seagull Search Ltd, Centre Gate, Colston Avenue, Bristol, BS1 4TR, or such address as is advised by Seagull Search Ltd. Notices to client’s will be considered valid if addressed to the client’s address as it appears on the agreement or such address as is advised by the client.

(5) The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this agreement shall not affect or impair the validity of any other provision. No waiver of any rights Seagull Search Ltd has under this agreement shall be deemed from any failure by Seagull Search Ltd to enforce any part of this agreement.

(6) The signatory to this agreement on behalf of the client warrants that he/she has the authority to commit the client to this agreement and further confirms that this agreement is between two businesses. If any of the client’s payments are made by a credit card or debit card, Bank Transfer, demand draft which is not in the name of the business, then it is for the client to reimburse the card holder for any payments made on the client’s behalf.

Agreement Disclaimer

The signatory to this agreement on behalf of the client warrants that he/she has the authority to commit the client to this agreement and further confirms that this agreement is between two businesses. If any of the client’s payments are made by a credit card or debit card, which is not in the name of the business, then it is for the client to reimburse the card holder for any payments made on the client’s behalf.

Payment Terms & Conditions

We accept online credit card payments via Sagepay & Paypal only.  We accept offline payments such as cheques which can be made payable to Seagull Search Ltd.  Bank Transfers to the company account only listed on a formal invoice. Please make your cheque payments to Seagull Search Ltd, and sent to the address, Centre Gate, Colston Avenue, Bristol, BS1 4TR.

In the case of a monthly payment plan for search engine optimisation, all payments are to be made on or as near to the agreed date each month. A 3% interest charge of the outstanding amount will be billed to the customer for every 7 days that payment is delayed.

Money back Policy

Should the client not be satisfied by our service, send a refund request to: accounts@seagull-search.co.uk. We will investigate the reasons why you are not satisfied and we investigate all claims in an attempt to deduct specific charges as outlined in the refund request. We will send your refund using a company cheque as payment method.

Note: We do not offer refunds for off-page work such as: search engine submission projects, directory submission projects, article submission projects, press release submission projects, content creations bulk orders or other off-page projects.

Loss of Service

Seagull Search Ltd accepts no liability for loss of service, unavailability of files, damage of data, misuse of equipment by other client’s, failure of any externally managed equipment or Communications devices or other services deemed to be beyond Seagull Search Ltd control.


Username and passwords that are required should only be shared once an agreement is in place.

If Seagull Search Ltd create any user accounts for the benefit of the work being carried then the security email address or reset password email address where possible will be the client’s email address giving the client full control. All user accounts opened for the client will be documented and provided to the client in an email.

If you receive and or find any fake emails or phishing attempts, please report it to: info@seagull-search.co.uk and do not respond to the requests.

We will never ask a third party to contact a client by email or telephone unless an agreement with the client is in place verbally or via email beforehand.

Do not share any information relating to costs or process that Seagull Search Ltd follow as this would break any contract that is in place with Seagull Search Ltd. Tactics and process that Seagull Search Ltd follow are sometime unique and these give Seagull Search Ltd an advantage over competitors and thus the information is confidential and cannot be shared with a third party.